Lucky Kngwarreye Morton

Lucky Kngwarreye Morton is the daughter of artist and senior boss woman Mary Morton Kemarre and the late Billy Morton Petyarre (c.1920-2008), a renowned painter and sculptor. Lucky speaks Alyawarr and lives with her family at Kurrajong Camp on the northern end of Utopia. Lucky spent her childhood years growing up at MacDonald Downs in Utopia.

Lucky’s painting career began in the late 70s when the Utopia Women\'s Batik Group was formed . Under the expert guidance of the late Rodney Gooch (1949-2002) the first major communal project - a series of eighty eight batik works titled Utopia - A Picture Story was launched onto the Australian and international stage. This was followed by the first foray into acrylic on canvas in the summer of 1988-89 as part ofThe First works on Canvas, a Summer Project. This first body of Utopia paintings was exhibited at the SH Ervin Gallery in Sydney. Lucky continues to experiment and use paint to express her Dreamings.

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