YuendumuYuendumu is a small town in the Northern Territory, approximately 293 km north-west of Alice Springs on the Tanami Track. It ranks as one of the larger remote communities in central Australia and has a thriving community of Warlpiri and Anmatyerr Aboriginal artists. Yuendumu is located within the Yuendumu Aboriginal Lands Trust area on traditional Anmatyerr and Warlpiri land and includes numerous outstations.

In the early 1980s the Yuendumu Warlpiri elders painted ceremonial designs on canvas, which begun the art movement at Yuendumu. The first painting was on the door of the Yuendumu school (which later started the Yuendumu Doors series), painted by Paddy Japaljarri Stewart and Kumanjayi Japaljarri Sims, who are some of the most well known artists at the community. In 1985 the Warlukurlangu Artists Association was founded at Yuendumu. Notable artists who have painted with Warlukurlangu include Kumanjayi Nelson Napaljarri,  Norah Nelson Napaljarri, Sheila Brown Napaljarri, and Judy Watson Napangardi.

(Kumanjayi is a generic term substituted for the name of a recently deceased person. This is a respectful, Aboriginal custom.)

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