Dr George Tjampu Tjapaltjarri

Doctor George Tjampu (Ward) Tjapaltjarri was born southwest of Jupiter Well in the Gibson Desert, Western Australia, emerging from the desert in 1964, where he had led the traditional nomadic life. The title \'\'Doctor\'\' refers to his position as a traditional medicine man of his people. As well as being a medicine man, Doctor George is an important Pintupi elder responsible for the initiation of young men. This responsibility entails revealing to them the esoteric knowledge connected with the ‘Tingari Cycle’. Bold horizontal and vertical lines represent ceremonial body paint designs painted on young men during Malliera initiation ceremonies. The body paint designs have a strong association with the desert landscape, its soakages, sandhills and creek beds. These raw body paint markings emulate the tradition and power of the sacred story they are connected to. Sadly, Doctor George is going blind and is no longer painting.

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