NT UtopiaUtopia, located 350km north east of Alice Springs, is an Aboriginal homeland to the Alyawarra and Anmatyerre people. Utopia was formed in November 1978 by the amalgamation of the former Utopia pastoral lease with land to its north. It covers an area of 3500 square kilometres.

The Alyawarra and Anmatyerre people live in small family groups at campsites ‘outstations’ or clan sites, each with a traditional connection to country. Some of the outstations in Utopia include Arlparra (the main store), Atneltye (Boundary Bore), Lyentye (Mosquito Bore), Atnarare (Soakage Bore), Arrawarre (Soapy Bore), Irrultja (Irrweltye), Ingkwelaye (Kurrajong Bore), Ankerrapwe (Utopia Homestead) and Artekerre (Three Bores).

The Aboriginal artists of Utopia produce distinctive works that are collected around the world.

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