Jack BRITTEN JOOLAMA - Initiation Ceremony

Jack BRITTEN JOOLAMA - Initiation Ceremony

c.2000, 90 x 120cm ADG:2167

ADG: 2167



Story of Painting - Initiation Ceremony, c.2000

Initiation ceremonies relate to Men’s Ceremonial Law, with deeply sensitive and serious themes. These ceremonies mark the transition period from adolescence into manhood. Young men who are to go through Law are taken out to a bush camp with other men. What takes place in bush camp is secret but there may also be some public ceremonies of men’s singing and women’s dancing.


Born c.1925-2002

Language Gija/Gidja

Country East Kimberley, WA

Community Warmun (Turkey Creek)

Residence Frog Hollow (Woorranginy)

Stories Country around Turkey Creek, Ord River, Bedford Downs, Flying Fox, Limestone Country east of Kimberley, Centipede, Bull Creek Country, Purnululu (Bungle Bungle Range), Hermit, Barramundi, Initiation, Night Corroboree, Female Spirit.


Jack Britten was born at Tickelara in the East Kimberley region of Western Australia. As a boy he was taken to work as a stockman and later as a road worker. In 1982 Jack moved back permanently to Frog Hollow (Woorranginy), in the East Kimberley where he worked to establish the Worranginy Outstation.

Jack Britten began ochre painting early in life. His grandparents taught him to paint using traditional materials, methods and themes. Distinctive features of his painting are the use of bush-gum or sap from trees as the binder for ochre (natural earth pigment) and the use of saw-toothed incising.

Jack Britten, a senior Gija (Gidja) lawman, focused his paintings and screenprints on his country in the East Kimberley, its origins, ceremonies and ancestral figures, merging into its spiritual and physical landscape. His Dreamings depict a lateral landscape perspective and gentle clusters of dome shaped ranges representing Purnululu (World Heritage listed Bungle Bungle Range). He is known for his exploration of the landscape using rough textures and bold designs, with distinctive dotting to outline the landscape forms, and to describe the country with its underlying presence of ancestors and ceremonies. Jack often incorporated body markings into his work to emphasise his ritual seniority.

Selected Exhibitions

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1990 Seventh National Aboriginal Art Award Exhibition, Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory, Darwin

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1994 Australian Heritage Commission. National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art Award Exhibition, Old Parliament House, Canberra

1996 Thirteenth NATSI Art Award Museum and Art Galleries of Northern Territory, Darwin


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Ranking - Most Important Australian Indigenous Artists (both living and deceased)

2011 Ranked 43/100

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