Barry BANGARR - Mimi Spirit with Weapons

Barry BANGARR - Mimi Spirit with Weapons

2001, 37 x 14cm ADG:2744

ADG: 2744


Mimi (Mimih) Spirit with Weapons, 2001

37 x 14cm, Ochre (natural earth pigment) on bark (eucalyptus tetradonta)


Barry BANGARR - Biography

Born c. 1960s

Language Kunwinjku

Local group Marim Outstation

Community Gunbalanya [Oenpelli]

Region Western Arnhem Land

Art Centre Injalak Arts and Crafts Association

Subjects Brolga,white ibis, Mimi (mimih) spirits, long neck turtle and eggs, barramundi, file snakes

Barry Bangarr is a respected Kunwinjku artist, living and working in the Gunbalanya region, Western Arnhem Land, Northern Territory, Australia. Barry achieves a fine detail in his artworks executing his rarrk designs with traditional crosshatched clan markings. Barry has the rights to paint a variety of water birds, fish, turtle and snake and the mischievous mimi (mimih) spirit figures,- slender mythological creatures that live in the cracks of rocks.

Barry’s homeland,- Gunbalanya has some of the world’s most noted ancient rock art galleries.

Group exhibitions

1993, Australian Heritage Commission National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art Award Exhibition, Old Parliament House, Canberra.


2009 Australian Government presented a painting by Barry Bangarr to President Anote Tong, Head of State for Kiribati.

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