Ernabella - Silk Batik
Ernabella - Silk Batik
Ernabella - Silk Batik

Ernabella - Silk Batik

1997, 90 x 90cm ADG:4879

ADG: 4879


Ernabella silk

Hand made batik (wax resist and dyeing)

Silk, 90 x 90cm


Ernabella Batik

Batik fabric design has been practiced at Ernabella Arts Inc. since 1971. Each work is hand drawn using hot wax, a wax resist process that prevents the dye from reaching the waxed area. Batik takes skill and patience with each colour dyed separately.

Each textile is unique, has been hand batiked or hand painted and represents design elements of the desert landscape which are important to the artist.

The textiles produced at Ernabella include magnificent long silk lengths, paintings/wall hangings and scarves.

Ernabella batik is held in private collections and public galleries and museums throughout the world.

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