Tim KENNEDY JUPURRURLA - Bush Orange Dreaming

Tim KENNEDY JUPURRURLA - Bush Orange Dreaming

2000, 62 x 62cm ADG:1945

ADG: 1945


Bush Orange Dreaming, 2000

62 x 62cm



Born c.1947

Language Warlpiri

Country Mount Singleton

Community Lajamanu, Northern Territory

Dreamings Kurrkurrpa; Waringarri; Jurntu

Tim Kennedy Jupurrurla was born at Mount Singleton, Northern Territory of the Warlpiri tribe and language, Tim’s country is Mt. Singleton and he lives at Lajamanu, located in the North Tanami Desert, far western Northern Territory. Tim is married to Iris Napanangka Dixon. In the 1980s and 1990s, Tim worked with the late Abie Jangala (c. 1919 – 2002).

The Warlpiri elders and residents of Lajamanu, presented a Milpirri Event in 2006 and 2007, celebrating the Warlpiri Kurdiji Ceremony -  a young man’s initiation ceremony in dance, which teaches the story of mothers and sons. The story is told in segments that feature both traditional and contemporary elements. The Lajamanu community have presented this performance in other communities. As a Lajamanu elder, Tim had the important role of painting banners for the ceremonies.


National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne

The Holmes a Court Collection, Perth

Groups exhibitions

1987 Australian Made, Hogarth Galleries, Sydney

1989 Mythscapes, Aboriginal Art of the Desert, National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne


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