Belinda NAKAMARRA BAKER - Women Dreaming
Belinda NAKAMARRA BAKER - Women Dreaming
Belinda NAKAMARRA BAKER - Women Dreaming

Belinda NAKAMARRA BAKER - Women Dreaming

2000, 142 x 88cm ADG:2338

ADG: 2338


Women Dreaming, 2000

Women Dreaming (Pigeon Dreaming)

142 x 88cm


Belinda NAKAMARRA BAKER - Biography

Belinda Nakamarra Baker (also known as Payton)

BORN c.1965


COMMUNITY Lajamanu, west of Tenant Creek N.T.

REGION Tanami Desert

SUBJECTS Ngurlu Seed; Kulukuku Pigeon; Wampana Wallaby; Awarrka Country; Purlukuku.

Belinda Nakamarra Baker is a member of the Janganpa Aboriginal Corporation at Lajamanu, and is a Warlpiri language teacher at Lajamanu School. She was involved in the development of a children’s book series in the Warlpiri language. Belinda teaches painting to the Lajamanu children and passes on her cultural knowledge of the animals and plants in the Warlpiri Aboriginal Dreaming stories.

Belinda is actively involved in other community activities, including the 2007 Milpirri Event, presented by the Warlpiri people of Lajamanu, celebrating the Warlpiri Kurdiji Ceremony; a young man’s initiation ceremony, which tells the story of Mothers and Sons through song and dance.

The story is told in segments that feature both traditional and contemporary elements. Interestingly, all the major symbols featured in the Australian Coat of Arms also feature in the Warlpiri Kurdiji Ceremony. The Lajamanu Warlpiri people share their sacred story, linking it to the elements featured in the Australian Coat of Arms to work towards greater cross-cultural understanding with mainstream audiences.


1994, Group Exhibition – Yapakurlangu Wirrkardu, Batchelor College, Tennant Creek, Northern Territory


Johnson, V., 1994, Dictionary of Western Desert Artists, Craftsman House, East Roseville, New South Wales

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