Wally PWERLE CLARKE - Camp Dog

Wally PWERLE CLARKE - Camp Dog

2012, ADG:6399

ADG: 6399


Camp Dog, 2012

Hand carved beanwood


Wally Pwerle Clarke - Biography

Born c. 1953

Language Alyawarre

Skin Name Pwerle (also spelt Pwerl)

Region Kurrajong Bore, Utopia, Northern Territory

Country Ngkwarlerlaneme/Ngkawenterre Camp

Subjects Men’s Ceremonies, Grass Seed Dreaming, Milky Way Dreaming

Wally lives near Kurrajong Bore at Arnkewenyerra (Utopia), Northern Territory. He is married to artist Janice Kngwarreye and they have five children,- Scottie, Kylie, Tracy, Bobby and Darren.

Wally Pwerle is a well-known, senior artist and sculptor, and is the younger brother of artists- Louis Pwerle (deceased) and Cowboy Louie Pwerle.

Wally paints Grass seed dreaming, Night-time dreaming. His sculptures include kangaroos, echidna, various birds, the Kwertatye man, a traditional avenger who pursues those who break the law and ‘devil dogs’ (camp dogs), who assist the ritual law enforcer, Kwertatye, in the beliefs of this group of Aboriginal people.

His sculptures are carved from native mulga and beanwood timbers, he works from a tree trunk and chisels out the desired shape using simple tools such as an axe, tomahawk, files and knives, and finally, paints the sculptures with acrylic paint.


Adelaide Festival Centre Foundation Indigenous Art

Holmes a Court Collection

Kerry Stokes Collection

National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne VIC

Powerhouse Museum, Sydney NSW

Riddoch Art Gallery, Mount Gambier SA


1990 Contemporary Aboriginal Art from the Robert Holmes a Court Collection

1990 Harvard University, USA

1990 University of Minnesota, USA

1990 Lake Oswego Centre for the Arts, USA

1993 10th Telstra National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art Award Exhibition, Museums and Art Galleries of the Northern Territory, Darwin, NT

1994 Central Australian Aboriginal Art and Craft Exhibition, Araluen Centre, Alice Springs, NT

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